UFS Webinar Series (OG)

The NWS Science and Technology Integration-Modeling Program Office is coordinating with partners to establish a UFS Webinar Series. The goal of these webinars is to share advancements in science and technology in all aspects of the UFS, in both research and operational settings. We welcome speakers from NOAA and other collaborating organizations. Speakers can be recommended using the Speaker Recommendation Form.

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The webinars are planned bi-weekly at 3pmET on Thursdays, and registration is required.

Webinar Schedule

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Title Author(s) Date/Registration
Addressing tropical variability and convective gray-zone representation in NOAA’s Unified Forecast System (UFS) Lisa Bengtsson, University of Colorado, NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, Colorado (presenter) 9/8/2022 3 PM ET
Progress Towards A State-Of-The-Art Land Data Assimilation System In NOAA’s Global NWP System Clara Draper, NOAA/OAR, PSL, Boulder, Colorado (presenter) 8/11/2022 3 PM ET
Migrating the UFS Graduate Student Tests to the Cloud Sam Ephraim; 2021 La Penta Intern NOAA/WPO/EPIC (presenter) 7/14/2022 3 PM ET
METplus Verification and Diagnostics Framework – Updates, Plans and Challenges Tara Jensen; NCAR/RAL – DTC (presenter) 6/9/2022 3 PM ET
An EPIC Dive into Social Science: What is the Community of Community Modeling? Michael Michaud; University of Delaware, NOAA Lapenta Intern 2021(presenter) 5/12/2022 3 PM ET
Climbing Down Charney’s Ladder V. Balaji; Princeton University and NOAA/GFDL (presenter) 3/17/2022 3 PM ET
The NOAA Precipitation Prediction Grand Challenge – An Historic Opportunity David Novak; NOAA/NWS/WPO (presenter) 3/17/2022 3 PM ET
Stretched Grids for GEOS Chem High Performance Liam Bindle; Washington University in St. Louis(presenter) 2/10/2022 3 PM ET
Coordinating the Giant – The Earth Prediction Innovation Center Maoyi Huang; Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC)/NOAA(presenter) 1/13/2022 3 PM ET
Model Diagnostics Task Force – A Walkthrough of the Technical Vision and the Diagnostics Packages Aparna Radhakrishnan; NOAA/GFDL (presenter); Wenhao Dong; NOAA/GFDL 12/09/2021 3 PM ET
The Common Community Physics Page and its Role as an Enabler of Hierarchical System Development Ligia Bernardet; NOAA/GSL; Mike Ek; NCAR 10/14/2021 3 PM ET
Investigation of Land-Atmosphere Interaction in UFS and its Influence on Model Mean Bias Paul Dirmeyer (presenter) & Eunkyo Seo; George Mason University 9/9/2021 3 PM ET
Clouds in the Cloud – Developing NOAA’s Next Generation Convection-Allowing Prediction System with Cloud HPC Jacob Carley; NOAA/EMC (presenter) 8/12/2021 3 PM ET
The Unified Gravity-Wave Physics in the UFS Michael Toy; NOAA/PSL & CIRES/CU Boulder (presenter) 7/1/2021 3 PM ET
Advancing Probabilistic Prediction of High-Impact Weather using Ensemble Reforecasts and Machine Learning Russ Schumacher; Colorado State University (presenter) 6/17/2021 3 PM ET
Reanalysis Efforts at NASA GMAO: From MERRA-2 to GEOS-R21C and MERRA-3 Amal EL Akkraoui; NASA/GMAO (presenter) 6/3/2021 3 PM ET
Boundary Layer Scheme Development for the United Forecast System Joseph Olson; NOAA – GSL (presenter) 5/20/2021 3 PM ET
Design Strategies for Skillful and Reliable Regional UFS Ensemble Forecasts Glen Romine, NCAR (presenter) 5/6/2021 3 PM ET
Developing Regional Ocean Modeling Capabilities With MOM6 for Use in UFS Enrique Curchitser, Rutgers University (presenter) 4/22/2021 3 PM ET
A Preliminary Report Out on the 2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop Tara Jensen, NCAR/RAL – DTC (presenter) 4/8/2021 3PM ET
FV3 Applications on GPU Mark Govet, NOAA/OAR Global Systems Division (presenter) 3/25/2021 3PM ET
UFS Land: The Development of a Community Effort to Expand NOAA Land Model Capabilities Michael Barlage NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, Land Team Lead (presenter) 3/11/2021 3PM ET
A JEDI Based Ocean Sea Ice Data Assimilation System for the UFS Guillaume Vernieres JCSDA (presenter) 2/25/2021 3PM ET
Improving weather forecast skill and rainfall climatology of FV3GFS using machine learning Chris Bretherton, Senior Director, Vulcan Climate Modeling and Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington (presenter) 2/11/2021 3PM ET
Development of Global Aerosol Forecast Model (GEFS-Aerosols) into NOAA’s Unified Forecast System (UFS) Li (Kate) Zhang; NOAA GSL & CIRES CU Boulder (presenter) 1/28/2021 3PM ET
Using AI to Create Situational Intelligence for Storm Responders. Vijay Jayachandran, CEO, ACW Analytics and Peter Watson, CTO, ACW Analytics. (presenters) 12/17/2020 3PM ET
Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System (HAFS): A Unified Forecast System Hurricane Application Avichal Mehra, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC (presenter) 12/03/2020 3PM ET
Development of Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting Capabilities for Rapid Refresh Forecast System at CAPS Ming Xue, University of Oklahoma (presenter) 11/19/2020 3PM ET
The MOM6 Community Ocean Model and Its Operational Use Across NOAA Robert Hallberg, NOAA/OAR/GFDL (presenter) 11/05/2020 3PM ET
Development and Evaluation of NCEP’s Global Forecast System GFSv16 Fanglin Yang, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC (presenter) 10/22/2020 3PM ET
Climate reanalysis at ECMWF: From research to operational services Dick Dee, JCSDA(presenter) 10/8/2020 3PM ET
Almost Resolving Convection, but not quite…Challenges for Convective Parameterizations Georg A. Grell, NOAA, Global Systems Laboratory (presenter) 9/24/2020 3PM ET
Model Validation Using GOES-16 Brightness Temperatures Sarah Griffin, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison(presenter) 9/10/2020 3PM ET
Hybridization of Physics-Based Modeling with Machine Learning in Numerical Weather/Climate Prediction Systems Vladimir Krasnopolsky, NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC(presenter) 8/27/2020 3PM ET
The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) in the UFS Architecture Rocky Dunlap, NCAR/ESMF (presenter) 8/13/2020 3PM ET
The UFS Research-to-Operations (R2O) Project Jim Kinter, COLA, George Mason University (presenter) 7/16/2020 3PM ET
Assessing the Influence of UFS Tropical Forecast Errors on Higher Latitude Predictions Using Nudging Experiments Juliana Dias, NOAA OAR/ESRL/PSL (presenter) 7/2/2020 3PM ET
The NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System version 12 – Reanalysis and Reforecast Tom Hamill (presenter) and Jeff Whitaker, NOAA/OAR/PSL 6/18/2020 3PM ET
The Unified Forecast System Short-Range Weather Application for Convection Allowing Model Forecasts Curtis Alexander (presenter), NOAA/OAR/GSL; Jacob Carley, NOAA/EMC; Jamie Wolff, NCAR/DTC; Jeff Beck, NOAA/DTC; Lou Wicker NOAA/NSSL 6/4/2020 3PM ET
Implementation of Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFSv12) as the First UFS Sub-Seasonal Weather Application Vijay Tallapragada (presenter), NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC 5/21/2020 3PM ET
Ensemble Data Assimilation and Prediction Development for the UFS Jeffrey S. Whitaker (presenter), Philip Pegion, Clara Draper and Anna Shylaeva, NOAA PSL and University of CO/CIRES 5/7/2020 3PM ET