UFS Community and UFS-R2O Project Highlights at the Fall 2020 AGU Meeting

The Fall 2020 meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) starts tomorrow, December 1st, 2020, featuring many presentations related to the Unified Forecast System (UFS). Talks, posters, and town halls representing UFS Community members’ works describe new hurricane, marine, coastal, and coupled models, verification and validation approaches, physics parameterizations, and forecast products. Here are some highlights.

Town Halls

The first UFS-related event in the AGU meeting is hosted this Wednesday, December 2nd, at 10am ET: the Town Hall NOAA’s Unified Forecast System Research to Operations Project (UFS-R2O). The Town Hall will present the new NOAA-funded UFS community project that is focused on the development of the next-generation regional and global forecast systems, and the transition from the UFS community development into NOAA operations. NOAA program managers and Project Lead Vijay Tallapragada will present project plans, progress and opportunities for community engagement with the Project. In particular, there is opportunity to collaborate with model development and validation/verification of these near-ready forecast systems. An interactive portion is reserved for discussion between attendees and panelists.

A second Town Hall promoted by UFS Community members will happen on Thursday, December 10th, starting at 10am ET: the NOAA Modeling Forum. The event has featured in the latest five AGU Fall meetings to socialize model development and receive community input. This year’s forum will focus on the progress made by developing a Unified Forecast System (UFS) for community model development and research and operational use at NOAA. Organizers of the town hall expect to discuss UFS progress and partnerships with the research community.


UFS Community members will speak at the following oral presentations.

Wednesday, December 9th

Friday, December 11th

Tuesday, December 15th.

Wednesday, December 16th.

Thursday, December 17th.


On Monday, December 7th, the AGU kicks off its poster sessions. On display that day, several posters from the UFS Community will be on display.

UFS-related posters in subsequent days are presented as follows.

Tuesday, December 8th

Thursday, December 10th

Friday, December 11th

Wednesday, December 16th.