UFS Code now supports fully coupled model and data-atmosphere application

The UFS-weather-model repository has been updated to support the fully coupled model and the data atmosphere application. With this update, the ufs-weather-model now has the same capability as the ufs-s2s-model repository. So the ufs-s2s-model and datm-mom6-cice5 repositories have been frozen.

Key features

  • The ufs-weather-model now builds coupled (atmosphere, wave, ocean, ice) or atmosphere-only system,
  • The build has been upgraded to cmake (old gnu-make build was deprecated),
  • It now uses the CMEPS as a mediator,
    • Stand alone atmosphere, or atmosphere + waves does not use the mediator currently,
  • The repository uses CI testing using GitHub Actions (currently enabled for the atmosphere-only configuration) for a small set of tests,
    • This will be expanded to a more comprehensive set of tests in the near future,
  • The repository also supports a data-atmosphere component (DATM) for the DATM-MOM6-CICE6 configuration,
    • This is specifically the NEMS DATM model,
    • A more generic data-component support via CDEPS is currently under development and will supersede this in the near future,
    • CDEPS will bring hierarchical data models to UFS.

How Does This Change Affect You?

  • If you were working with the ufs-weather-model (forked it for development) then nothing is required,
  • If you were working with the ufs-s2s-model or datm-mom6-cice5 repositories:
    • These have been deprecated and frozen,
    • We have moved all relevant issues related to these repositories to the ufs-weather-model,
    • You will have to fork the ufs-weather-model for your development.
  • Please attend the Engineering and Implementation Branch (EIB/EMC) meeting where the team will go over how to work with the ufs-weather-model repository,
  • Use the “issues” section of ufs-weather-model to address concerns with the repository/features you are working on,
    • This is a mandatory requirement to interact with model development,
    • Please do not email code managers with problems that are encountered,

Please note that we are working on updating documentation through READTHEDOCS, but this will take some time so patience is appreciated!

Thank you!

NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
Contact: Arun.Chawla@NOAA.gov