METplus v4.0.0 Coordinated Release

The DTC is pleased to announce the release of the multi-component verification framework called the enhanced Model Evaluation Tools (METplus), or METplus. METplus contains a suite of Python wrappers and ancillary scripts to enhance the user’s ability to quickly set-up and run MET. METplus also has an analysis suite including METviewer and METexpress user interfaces and METdatadb, METcalcpy, and METplotpy as shared packages for loading and storing MET output as well as aggregating and plotting results. This coordinated release includes:


METplus version 4.0.0 framework:

  • Added support for many commonly changed MET config variables
  • New use-cases:
    • Air Quality and Comp: EnsembleStat_fcstICAP_obsMODIS_aod
    • Medium Range: UserScript_fcstGEFS_Difficulty_Index
    • Convection Allowing Models: MODE_fcstFV3_obsGOES_BrightnessTemp
    • Convection Allowing Models: MODE_fcstFV3_obsGOES_BrightnessTempObjs
    • Convection Allowing Models: GridStat_fcstFV3_obsGOES_BrightnessTempDmap
    • Data Assimilation: StatAnalysis_fcstHAFS_obsPrepBufr_JEDI_IODA_interface
    • Medium Range: SeriesAnalysis_fcstGFS_obsGFS_FeatureRelative_SeriesByLead_PyEmbed_Multiple_Diagnostics
    • Precipitation: EnsembleStat_fcstWOFS_obsWOFS
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: TCGen_fcstGFSO_obsBDECKS_GDF_TDF
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: UserScript_fcstGFS_obsERA_Blocking
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: UserScript_obsERA_obsOnly_Blocking
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: UserScript_obsERA_obsOnly_WeatherRegime
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: UserScript_obsPrecip_obsOnly_Hovmoeller
    • Seasonal to Subseasonal: UserScript_obsPrecip_obsOnly_CrossSpectraPlot
    • TC and Extra TC: CyclonePlotter_fcstGFS_obsGFS_OPC
    • TC and Extra TC: UserScript_ASCII2NC_PointStat_fcstHAFS_obsFRD_NetCDF
    • TC and Extra TC: GridStat_fcstHAFS_obsTDR_NetCDF
    • Marine and Coastal: PlotDataPlane_obsHYCOM_coordTripolar
    • MET Tool Wrapper: METdbLoad/METdbLoad
    • MET Tool Wrapper: PlotDataPlane/PlotDataPlane_grib1
    • MET Tool Wrapper: PlotDataPlane/PlotDataPlane_netcdf
    • MET Tool Wrapper: PlotDataPlane/PlotDataPlane_python_embedding
    • MET Tool Wrapper: GridStat/GridStat_python_embedding
    • MET Tool Wrapper: PointStat/PointStat_python_embedding
    • MET Tool Wrapper: MODE/MODE_python_embedding
    • MET Tool Wrapper: PyEmbedIngest_multi_field_one_file

MET version 10.0.0 – Enhance support for rotated latlon grids, modified climatological Brier Score computation to match the NOAA/EMC VSDB method, support additional NetCDF point observation data sources, inclusion of the Multivariate MODE capability and ioda2nc tool, and added support for the Hersbach CRPS algorithm by add new columns to the ECNT line type.

METviewer version 4.0.0 – Support for new MET line-types and aggregation of MET statistics, use of circular bootstrap method, added Equivalence Testing Bounds plots, Support weights in scorecards, transition of capability to Python.

METexpress version 4.1.0 – Added MET TC app, Performance diagrams to MET Ensemble and MATS contingency table apps.

This is the first numbered release for the following components:

METdatadb 1.0.0 –  Python scripts for loading and managing METplus results database.
METcalcpy 1.0.0 and METplotpy 1.0.0 – Added calculation and plots for many METviewer plots as well as new diagnostics (see METplus use-cases)


Over the next week, METplus 4.0.0 and components will be installed on several US-based high performance computing platforms (e.g. Cheyenne, Jet, Hera, WCOSS, and Stampede) to make it more accessible to both the research and operations community.  Please see the list of existing builds. NOTE: METviewer and METexpress are intended to be installed on your local server.